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Answers to frequently asked questions

What are proper tissue samples?

Proper tissue samples are representative and they are the right size. That is at least 1-2 cm2 derived from an area of macroscopically overt changes.

Do you also process already embedded samples or tissue sections?

We are happy to do so. Please make sure, that your samples are shipped in a proper format.

When can I bring my samples?

You can bring your samples Mo-Fri from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Please remember, that dry ice is not everlasting. We therefore encourage you to choose a fast way of delivery.

Is it allowed to ship samples in formalin?

It is allowed. Please make sure to use a secure container. Please fill this container up to the rim in order to avoid samples sticking to the cap getting dry.

Do you also store my samples?

We are pleased to do so. At iPATH.Berlin, your samples will be stored at room temperature in the dark (FFPE material) or in a temperature controlled freezer at -80°C (cryo material). This storage is free for the duration of processing and up to 10 days after communication of results. Please find further details in §8 of the Nutzerordnung (PDF)

How much does the antibodies for my stainings cost?

The prices in the service catalogue are cost prices that, based on our experience, include the costs for the reagents, antibodies and development systems used in the stainings. This also applies to reagents, antibodies and development systems, which we acquire for special orders (e.g. establishing new protocols). For further information see service catalogue.

Can I provide antibodies to be used for my staining?

Yes, for details including cost calculations please contact us:

How do I make it clear in publications that iPATH.Berlin services have been used?

For routine analyses, please note the contribution of the team of iPATH.Berlin in your manuscript in the section "Materials and Methods" or "Acknowledgments". Intellectual contributions within the framework of cooperations should be honored by co-authorship of employees of the iPATH.Berlin. Details can be found in §12 the User regulations (PDF).

Is it possible to stain various markers on one section?

Yes, this is possible. Multispectral imaging allows for staining of 5 parameters (5-plex) by immunohistochemistry and 7 parameters (7-plex) by immunofluorescence simultaneously.For this, iPATH.Berlin uses the Vectra 3.0-System (funded by Stiftung Charité).