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iPath.Berlin: Mikrotom

User informations

Tissue samples will be processed in a standardised manner and will be evaluated in a blinded fashion.  

Please find more informations here:

  • Services and prices
  • Shipment of samples
  • Transfer of results and pictures
  • Storage of your samples

You are here:

We will be happy to assist you:

  • with the planning of stains and analysis
  • with the calculation of the costs for the iPATH.Berlin service for the application of funding
  • are you working outside of the Charité?
  • are you interested in new protocols developed by iPATH.Berlin?

Please contact our team:

+49 30 450 514 345

We are sorry, but we do not process materials that are toxic, pathogenic to humans or radioactive

Workflow: Preparation of samples, shipment of samples, results, prices

Shipment of samples

1. Please register OpenIRIS and book our services/products

We offer two services: 1) Staining of paraffin sections and 2) Staining of cryo sections. All other services like embedding, cutting, analysis can be booked as a product within these services.

2. Sample shipment

2.1. Personally
During the week, samples can be delivered personally between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. :

Campus Benjamin Franklin
Haus 5011, Raum E812
Hindenburgdamm 30
12203 Berlin

2.2. Postal/courier services

You can also ship your samples via courier or Charité "Hauspost":

Core Unit der Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin
Campus Benjamin Franklin
Hindenburgdamm 30, Raum E812
D-12200 Berlin

Please include a sample list to your shipment and don´t forget the assessment of risk potentials according to Biostoffverordnung (BioStoffV) and/or Gentechnikgesetz (GenTG)/Gentechnik-Sicherheitsverordnung (GenTSV) nicht.

The legislative texts you can find here: BioStoffV , GenTG, GenTSV.


Samples delivered after 3 p.m. will be processed the following day.

For personal delivery after 3 p.m., we will charge extra.

Sample preparation

A standardised sample preparation is key to comparable results within experiments and studies.

We also provide assistance during sample preparation in your lab handling mouse or rat models. If you are interested, please send an

How to prepare samples and ship them?

Warning: Please make sure that your samples are labelled concisely.

Tips & Tricks

Extending the shelf life of your paraffin sections

Paraffin sections cannot be stored for a longer period of time if they will be used in immunohistochemistry/-fluorescence or similar methods as they oxidize in air. The staining of older sections will be weaker:
You can store your paraffin sections long-term in a dry & cool place if you place a layer of paraffin over your section. After mounting the section onto a slide, you have to bake the section overnight and can cover the slide with paraffin the next day. All you need is:
•    Paraffin bath
•    Plastic spatula or something similar
After dipping the slide into the paraffin bath you scrape off the excess paraffin of the back and at the far end of the slide. This way, you can store your layered slide in a slide box.

How to overlay


Processing time and communication of results

First come, first served. Samples can be moved up further depending on deadlines. Please contact the head of iPATH.Berlin for arrangements.

The duration of processing depends on the overall amount of samples, the kind of service you ordered and the availability of reagents.

You will receive your results by email. You are responsible for storage of your own data.

Re-shipment of samples

You order the re-shipment of your samples. We will ship your samples to the address given in the order form.

After 10 working days following communication of results, iPATH.Berlin will start charging for storage according to the prices listed in the service catalogue.


The prices of services provided by iPATH.Berlin are listed in the service catalogue.

Here you come to the prices for "interne Leistungsverrechnung (ILV)" valid inside the Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin.

The accounting will be done quarterly via ILV in January, April, July and September. Additionally, you will receive an invoice for your won documents.

External customer please ask iPATH.Berlin for prices:

+49 30 450 514 345

Costs for longterm storage will be charged yearly.

Services of the iPATH.Berlin can be applied for as material aid with third-party funding agencies. The iPATH.Berlin prepares cost calculations for your funding applications on the basis of our service catalogue in its recent form.

The prices in the service catalogue are calculated regularly according to costs development.